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About us

Our law firm was founded in 1985. The majority of clients we represent and advise are mid-sized local and foreign (mostly German-speaking) companies particularly in the fields of company, real estate, labour and intellectual property law.
Our aims are to provide our clients with professional and versatile legal services on the highest level, therefore we have colleagues with excellent degrees and extensive working experience in the abovementioned fields of law. Because of our law firm's wide range of international contacts, relations and clients, our colleagues speak German and English and they have deepened their professional knowledge and experience throughout studies and internships abroad.
Since its foundation our law firm has developed widespread and intensive professional contacts to law firms in abroad. This makes possible that throughout the cooperation with our foreign colleagues we can find the optimal solution to our clients' international related legal problems.
Our law firm has been an active member of the German DACH for many years now. Our colleagues regularly hold lectures on Hungarian law for the DACH members. We are also member of theGerman-Hungarian Industry and Trade Chamber (DUIHK), and of the Swiss GLOBOGATE AG. In the scope the cooperation with GLOBOGATE makes it easier for us to answer our clients' complex questions concerning international taxation and relocation.
Our colleagues have published their professional experiences in international acknowledged books, and they release articles regularly in the German monthly newsletter of GLOBOGATE.
With our continually published newsletters we also inform our clients on recent laws and modifications to help them to prepare their companies in time for the changed legal environment and for the correct application and implementation of new legal regulations.